My Role:

Concept development, sound.

Some thoughts & learnings:

This prototype feels like it is half way there, I believe that we should have put more focus into the visual and auditorial feedback in order to create even more sympathy for the characters.

The MVP of this prototype was differently our graphic designer.


Here is a game playing with emotions.
It is a two player collaborative game where you have to work together to get a bleeding panda to the hospital.
The blue ninja can only go down and to the sides,  the red ninja can only go up and two the sides.
It is played sharing one joypad – old school party mode.
For this web build you can use the keyboard.
Red Ninja: AWD
Blue Ninja: <^>
The panda is bleeding out, but you can ease it’s pain by feeding it the bamboo you pick up during the level. Now quick get to the hospital and save that panda!

Go to the web build here:

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